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Mouse & Bootsy story

When I was 10 years old I trained my first dog - and I've been passionate about working with and connecting to dogs and animals ever since.  

For 8 years I struggled with my white shepherd Mouse and her anxiety.  I tried everything - different trainers, running with her, biking with her, medication, acupuncture, even energy work.  My dog was well trained, but at the same time reactive and fearful to everything and everybody. After Mouse bit a neighbor, I chose to muzzle her on walks  Mouse was the sweetest dog with our family, but out in the world and with new people she was stressed, scared, and not in a good state of mind.

Then one day a dog walker told me about, "Sean O’Shea and that he could help".  Sean works with aggressive dogs, rehabilitates and trains. Eventually, anxiety and fear will lead to aggression.  For two weeks Mouse dog was rehabbed at The Good Dog, Sean's training facility. When she came home Mouse was a new dog, but I also did a ton of work on our relationship for that next year. Under Sean's tutelage, I took over her training and applied the techniques to our other dog, Nelson.  Finally the secret to teaching a dog to be calm and relaxed.  Mouse dogs' state of mind had changed, it was a miracle after 8 years of struggle with her anxiety.  It changed my life and family living in huge ways, but especially Mouse dogs' life as she stopped living in constant fear.  She was not perfect but the best Mouse dog she could be.

Why do I do this? Because I know you're struggling. Because I saw the way Mouse changed, and I know the more dogs that are helped, the less will end up at shelters for behavioral problems that can be altered. I want to empower dog owners with information that will change how they think and share skills so their dogs can feel that confidence and take the back seat and relax.  

Having a dog should be an amazing experience, the problem is most people don’t know how to build a good foundation. Too much love is often the problem, and it must be balanced with boundaries, structure & rules.  If you have kids you know this to be true for them and it also holds for your dogs.  They're not babies, but furry kids that need RULES and BOUNDARIES to make them feel SAFE.

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