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1. What tools are used in the Foundation Program? 

The Foundation Program is built around prong collar work (we like to use Herm Sprenger collars), so a prong collar is crucial to the training. The other tools used are a 4-foot nylon leash – I also suggest a crate for your dog. 


2. Is E-Collar Training covered in the Foundation Program?

BooDogs has an E-Collar Training Program that can be layered on top of the Foundation Program.


3. If I need help or get stuck can I call and ask questions? 

Yes! Please contact us to set up a phone or Skype consultation.


4. Does the Foundation Program use treats in the training? 

The training approach is relationship-based. Boo believes it's all about the relationship between dog, trainer, and owner. Treat training tends to cause dogs to be overly excited which makes it harder to train. Treats have their place in specific training but for the family dog we like to keep things focused and dogs can't focus or think when they get overly excited.  Technically if the treats work I use them if they are too much then I don't.


5. Why do you use prong collars?

We use prong collars because we find them to be the best tool for connecting, communicating, and creating a harmonious relationship with the least amount of physical stress to the dog and owner. Most tools tend to only mask or manage the behavior, while the prong collar allows us to actually break through and effortlessly communicate, creating a vastly different state of mind and a highly responsive dog. While prong collars tend to look scary, when used correctly, they have been proven to be the least physically taxing, most humane, and one of the safest tools available. 


6. What is covered in the Foundation Program?

This is basic training, the Foundation Program covers Tools, Place, Sit, Down, the Walk, Crate, Recall, and Waiting for Food.   We also talk about our philosophy behind the work and how does this work with your dog will help the brain relax and calm the dogs' mind.


7. I’m not in Los Angeles – can I work with Boo one-on-one?

Yes! Please visit services and rates, we work with people all over the country over phone/Skype/FaceTime. Just contact us!


8. My dog might be beyond help!

Contact us and let us know what’s going on. We are here to help if we can – there is always an answer!  We have training videos and can get you started training your own dog.  If your dog is aggressive or has bitten dogs or people then work on muzzle training the dog for safety.  Then I can come over and start helping you and your dog. 


9. Do you have any recommendations for balanced trainers in my area?

Possibly! First please go here: and search your zip code – if you are still having trouble, contact us and we will try to help!


10. I have tried other trainers and methods before and didn’t get the results I desired – what makes your program and approach different and more effective?

Unlike other training approaches that only focus on developing rehearsed behaviors, bribing with treats, or merely managing or covering up the problem, we have developed a unique approach that fundamentally changes the dog’s state of mind. Once we address the dog’s state of mind, the sky’s the limit for what we can create. By cultivating new habits, teaching the dog to make better choices, training calmness instead of excitability, and employing our unique duration work, we are consistently successful with dogs that others are unable to help. 

11. I can’t afford a program, but I’m in a bad situation with my dog – what can I do?

In special cases, we can sometimes arrange a payment plan – please contact us for details. If this is still not feasible, we have free training videos and advice on our Facebook page and Youtube Channel or we can point you to other videos with similar balanced training.

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