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I was about to give up on our dog... It was truly that bad! Our beautiful husky, Dakota was destroying our new home, my clothes and causing serious stress and anxiety to me and my family's life!

The first time Bootsy came over, I knew she had a certain way with dogs that I hadn't seen very often. Quiet confidence and clarity when she asked Dakota to follow her commands. By the end of our first session my son and I walked Dakota without getting our arm pulled off by a house nearby that has been a problem in the past for us to walk by due to another dog. Dakota had also learned to stay in his "place" inside our home until he was asked to move - this was something I couldn't have imagined he could have learned in one session!

After meeting with Bootsy, we have continued to work on Dakota's behavior. He has made HUGE improvements! But more importantly, we have all realized that it comes down to us (the owners) to set boundaries and be consistent with our dog in order for him to reach his potential. Bootsy helped us understand this in a very clear way. She said to us, "Dakota is just waiting to be told what to do" This made such a big impact on us. She also explained the importance of allowing Dakota to feel like he is choosing to follow our commands, not because we are angry, or he is scared of us - simply because he wants to...

We all look forward to Bootsy's training sessions! Each one is rewarding, educational & so very encouraging that we can have a dog that we love so much AND is well behaved. 




—  Zoe and Family

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