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There is something different... something very special about Bootsy.  


I have three Chihuahuas.  All rescue dogs.  Two of them need very little help and work, but one - Bunny, is a very special kind of girl.  I have had Bunny for nearly 10yrs and thought she was unreachable.  She is sweet and loving to those who live with her, but on the "streets" she is aggressive to every dog, nervous, and even at home is CONSTANTLY "on duty."  Bunny is all of 9 lbs. and is no problem for any person to wrangle.  However, as her mom, it is a never-ending little sadness, to see her in constant distress.


I am with my dogs almost always.  I know them very well and being with Bunny is like being with a reckless teen who doesn't know how to deal with their anger.  ONE AFTERNOON with Bootsy and she saw RIGHT to the heart of the problem.  I am so used to having Bunny on a harness and pulling, controlling, correcting her by just holding her body back.  But Bootsy saw to the core of her agitation and HELPED her instead of controlled her.


There is something about Bootsy... even when she is AROUND Bunny, Bunny's demeanor changes.  She's demur, quiet and for the first time in her little life, at REST.  Seeing a little creature you love so much, at REST for the first time... I'm surprised I didn't start crying.


When Bootsy helps you, she doesn't put a bandaid on the problem.  Her energy, power, and presence are so calming and clear, that she imbues you with your own power.  The power to change not only your behavior but yourSELF.  And with this power, you can change your dog.


When Bootsy left, my husband said "you know, I think the reason you like Bootsy so much is that she helps YOU calm down."  He is right.  Bootsy is a gentle and strong force and I recommend her to EVERYONE who thinks their dog is "unteachable" just like I did.


—  Italia P.

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