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change the mind . change the dog



BooDogs' goal is to set up successful home programs for anyone struggling with their dog. I am dedicated to fostering and educating families and their dogs through training methods that emphasize relationship, balance & communication so your dog learns how to be calm. 

Training programs can be tailored to each dog's behavioral issues. I work with all breeds and temperaments and I address a wide range of issues from basic obedience to anxiety.  My aim is to find clients who are as passionate about balanced dogs as I am and who are ready for a journey. This is a small business striving for results over quantity.

In the end, it's about the pack and letting your dog know that they are part of one in the right way - and I'll be in the pack with you throughout the entire process and in the future if you need me.  Every dog is different and at BooDogs Training we will work until we find a solution!




We have different programs to meet the different needs of our clients (and their dogs). Check out what we offer and or we can design a program for you.  Boo can help you decide which is the best course of action from the following options based on you and your dog's needs. After you've had a chance to look these over, send an email, and BDT will get back to you to set up a free 20 min. phone consultation.


This is when we talk one-on-one about your specific issues your dog has over the phone or video chat.  I will address your specific situation and coach you on how to start solving the problem by coming up with a strategy. I will help you implement the training into your life with the dog.  

30 min. chat $45

60 min. chat $65


In this single 1 on 1 session, Boo spends time getting to know you, your dog, house rules, and issues. She then sets up a program for you to follow and shows you how to get started. Sometimes helping the owner understand and change the thinking around what the dog really needs.  Whatever the problem, we will figure it out.  I use slip leads or prong collars on all my dogs, even the little ones. These collars sit high above the neck and help you better communicate with the dog in a gentle, clear way. 

One - 90 min. session 


+ $40

Herm Sprenger Prong Collar


One-on-one Foundation training works because we focus on your dog's state of mind, not just the issues. Most issues are just side effects of the real problem; the real problem is nearly always a lack of structure, rules, and boundaries. Most people give a dog ultimate freedom without realizing that this is the opposite of what a dog actually needs or wants. 

Five - 90 min. sessions



Herm Sprenger Prong Collar


This training is about having a peaceful walk with your dog, and in just 2 sessions we can get that started for you!  Each session will focus on using the right tools, and learning simple techniques to change the walk.  These meetings are done without you needing to be present.


You will get a 15 min. lesson on how to walk your friend at the end of each session.

Two - 60 min. sessions


+ $40

Herm Sprenger Prong Collar 


This program is for the owner who wants to be able to play, hike and recall the dog with the freedom of off-leash control.  In 3 sessions we will go over using low-level remote collar training to create a dog that comes back to you 100% of the time.  No matter where you are or what is going on around the dog.  This is great for anyone who loves to hike, go to the dog beach and be able to recall and train with a remote collar.


Want to communicate better with your dog from any distance.  Learn how to use the e-collar safely and humanely.

Three - 90 min. Sessions

$400 + e-collar


Mini Educator by e-collar technologies

$199 - $250 depending on your dog


This is a two week program that will put in place the Foundation program with E-collar training. The Foundation program covers basic commands on-leash - Down, Place, Recall, Walk, and will address other issues you may have like jumping, nipping, mouthing or counter surfing.  Training layers the E-collar over all commands.


A two week program is for dogs with minor behavior issues, who need obedience work and good manners that owner can rely on.

Call if you have other issues and we can talk about how to move forward.

Two-week Program


 + prong collar & e-collar

 E-Collar will be purchased for you along with a prong collar for training.




When Bootsy helps you, she doesn't put a bandaid on the problem.  Her energy, power and presence is so calming and clear, that she imbues you with your own power.  The power to change not only your behavior, but yourSELF.  And with this power, you can change your dog. 


—  Italia P.

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